A powerful cleaner and degreaser for commercial, industrial, institutional, household and general cleaning purposes.

Naturally derived, biodegradable, non-toxic, no phosphates and USFDA gras rating concentrate to make powerful cleaning and degreasing products.

Odie's Super Cleaning Concentrate consists of natural citrus extracts, plant-based surfactants and a new micro-emulsion technology.  

To blend, add concentrate to water with agitation.

Packaged in a 32 oz re-usable glass jar.

Odie's Super Cleaning - 32 oz

  • 32oz glass jar of Odie's Super Cleaning *for professional only*


    Contenant de 32oz de Super Nettoyant Odie's *Pour professionnel seulement*

  • This product is only available to professional and will not sell to consumers.


    Ce produit est destiné aux professionnels uniquement et ne sera pas vendu aux particuliers.