Food Safe, Solvent Free, Non-toxic Wood Finish and Stabilizer, Odie's Oil is great for interior and exterior applications: Boats, Brightwork, Doors, Floors, Decks, Gates, Fine Furniture, Patio Furniture, Bowls, Cutting Boards, Kitchen Implements, Toys, etc. The list goes on and on!

Formulated to work on even the oiliest of woods. Will actually get better with age, becoming more durable and more beautiful! Odie's Oil is great for all species of wood, exotic and domestic and contains natural UV inhibitors-sunscreen!

Easy to use: lustrous sheen in one coat! Made by hand in the USA and packaged in a re-usable glass jar.

The product we are using to finish our river shaped Ecopoxy table!

Odie's Oil Universal - 9oz

  • 9oz glass jar of Odie's Oil Universal *for professional only*


    Contenant de 9oz d'huile Odie's Oil *Pour professionnel seulement*

  • This product is only available to professional and will not sell to consumers.


    Ce produit est destiné aux professionnels uniquement et ne sera pas vendu aux particuliers.