This is THE epoxy to use for table top, counter top, jewelry making and art work! UVPoxy is a professional quality, high-performance epoxy system that's UV stable and produces a high build crystal clear finish. It is an ideal solution for woodworkers, artists and craftspeople, and is perfect for coating, bonding and more.


Mix with a 1:1 volume ratio (no scale needed!), UVPoxy is self-leveling, and can easily be built up in 1/4" layers to any desired thickness.Developed for commercial-grade applications, UVPoxy resists yellowing, fading, and cracking. This epoxy is extremely durable, capable of withstanding heavy use in high-traffic venues including bars counter tops and restaurants.

Ecopoxy UVPoxy

  • 500ml : 250ml Resin + 250ml Hardener

    1L : 500ml Resin + 500ml Hardener

    2L : 1L Resin + 1L Hardener

    4L : 2L Resin + 2L Hardener

    8L : 4L Resin + 4L Hardener

    20L : 10L Resin + 10L Hardener

    40L: 20L Resin + 20L Hardener

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