This is the product to build RIVER TABLES!


FLOWCAST is an improved version of Liquid Plastic 2:1 ratio, with 20% higher bio content, this low viscoty and crystallization resistant and clearer than ever resin is revolutionary!


With improved air release properties, FlowCast will cure crystal clear into a hard finish that will resist scratch and will not crack, thanks to it's low exothermic system.FlowCast can be poured at any thickness (2" max recommended per pour) and cures to a water like appearance.


Perfect for casting and see through encapsulation as well.

Ecopoxy FlowCast

  • 750ml : 500ml Resin + 250ml Hardener

    1.5L : 1L Resin + 500ml Hardener

    3L : 2L Resin + 1L Hardener

    6L : 4L Resin + 2L Hardener

    12L : 8L Resin + 4L Hardener

    30L : 20L Resin + 10L Hardener

    60L : 40L Resin + 20L Hardener

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