Which Ecopoxy product do I need to build a river table ?


FlowCast is the improved version of Liquid Plastic 2:1 ratio, with higher bio content, lower viscosity and improved clarity and air release properties. 

With a simple and easy 2 parts resin, 1 part hardener mix, it has low exothermic heat buildup that allows a perfect cure to a crystal-clear solid finish that resists stress cracking.

It can be poured in 2" layer and cures to a water-like appearance. Because it cures slowly, entrapped air bubbles are allowed to escape to leave a crystal clear cast.


How much FlowCast do I need for my pour?

Mesure the cavity to fill with Ecopoxy (in inches) and multiply:

Length (L) X Depth (D) X Average Width (AVG W)*

Take the results (cubic inches) and either:

*When calculating the average width, measure the width every 6 inches along the cavity piece and divide by the total number of width measurements you took to determine our average. 


Which Ecopoxy product do I need to cover a countertop ?


UVPoxy UVPoxy is a 100% solids, high performance epoxy used for countertops and table tops. Self-levelling and easy to applied, it can be build into layer up to 1/4". UVPoxy is specifically formulated to resist yellowing caused by sunlight and to resist liquid, to provide a long lasting protection for your surface.

With a simple and easy 1 part resin, 1 part hardener mix, UVPoxy will leave you a crystal clear, brilliant surface that accentuates and magnifies the material underneath.

UVPoxy is also used for jewellery making and art work.
Mix it with Ecopoxy liquid and metallic pigment to 
achieve outstanding and unique look!

Watch this awesome countertop UVPoxy covering comes to life!


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